AMBER GOODVIN | Lettering Artist + Illustrator in Kansas City

Twelve years working in Hallmark's lettering + illustration studio has given me great experiences learning and collaborating with other makers. Many call Hallmark the "corporate grad school" for artists and that has been true to my experience. I love what Hallmark is all about and I love my job.

I am a big believer in social making and the power of creating side-by-side with other people. I love to learn new things, and enjoy being in a workshop environment both as a teacher and as a lifelong student.

most favorite things: coffee. sitting on our back porch with jason. kids books. card games. harry potter. npr. happy hour. god. salsa. doing work i am excited about.

most un-favorite things: ankle socks. being early. a situation in which someone is watching/coaching me to work out. folding laundry. sports radio. all sports, actually. 



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